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Hybrid Website Design?
A “Hybrid” website design is balance of html, css, java, php or asp or other scripting language with added elements such as embedded “Flash”, animation or other visual and audio effects.  This balance with a “Hybrid” design enables website designers to provide our clients with a vibrant and interesting website without loosing precious SEO capabilities.  Achieving this type of design will be enticed website visitors to stay on your site which will result in more sales.

When  Adobe Flash emerged into the website design world, many website designers found a new and exciting development platform that could produce a more visually compelling and interactive browsing experience. Creating these compelling and full action websites seem to be an advantage over the HTML site designer. But using Flash for a complete web design in its early versions had some major disadvantages.

It was highly noted that Flash designed websites could not have their content crawled by search engines. Then cross argument by HTML designer was, what was the point in having a spectacular visual interactive website if nobody could find it on the internet? Furthermore, Flash sites had been notorious for increased load time, difficult and time-consuming to update on a regular basis, particularly by a person not trained in the Flash platform.
But Flash has come a long way since it was first distributed by Macromedia. Do the original disadvantages of Flash websites still make HTML the best choice for creating websites?

Therefore, offers the clients with an Hybrid design option approach which allows our clients to take advantage of vibrant, visual rich and interactivity ensuring that content can be crawled by all search engines.

Advantages of Flash Websites
Flash achieves resolution and cross-browser independency due to re-scalable vector graphics. HTML web design needs to factor both different resolution sizes and browser types, as different web browsers interpret HTML and CSS differently. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox recognize different size pixel format.  Although, tests each website in different browser to validate that the design is compatible, visually displays and functions as expected for the viewer no matter what browser they choose to use.

With a Hybrid web design provided by our clients can achieve that wow-factor and obtain internet presence by being also recognized by all the major search engines. Today’s web browsing audience no longer expects only to be informed: they also expect to be entertained. Getting the attention and the interest of the fewer is one reason to decide to use a Hybrid web design. Another is that with the use of animation or FLASH video it enables our clients to bring their products or services to the immediate attention of the viewer. This reduces the need for the viewer to page through content and multiple menu selections.  A good example would be this; say that you are watching television and a commercial advertising a product only gave a small portion of the information but then you needed to change the channel to get the rest of the information. What would be the chance that viewer will change the channel versus being introduced to the next company’s product?

Debate continues between website designers whether it is better to design a website using only Flash rather than using just HTML. For the most part, it seems that although there are some important differences between a pure HTML website and a website that is completely done using Flash. The method that is chosen depends purely on the type of website being created and the goals of the website owner.

Flash now can contest HTML past claims.
Many site developers will state that HTML format is the most reliable since every web browser in the world is designed to interpret HTML code to display web pages. Developers tend to defend what they are comfortable with and have the most knowledge. Although FLASH has come a long way, flash plug-in for the browsers are readily available and has become easier for even intermediate computer user to install automatically, no matter what version level is required.
Flash offers some capabilities that simply cannot be matched using pure HTML code, such as user interactivity, dynamic content generation and the special effects that will grab the interest of the viewer.
In addition, Actionscript, which is the scripting language used in the Flash environment, allows developers to create complex animations, incorporate video and provide impressive effects and interactivity. Flash has also proven to be a leading method for providing streaming video content on the web, and continues to be the choice for developers who want to present complex and stunning visual presentation.

Remember SEO issues
Search-engine optimization is an important consideration if the website will rely on search engines to generate traffic. When looking at how a search engine will index a website, HTML offers the best choice. Recently progress has been made at indexing Flash content with newer versions of search engines, they can now index flash and some video content.  This relies heavily on the developers programming skills. The reason is that search-engine spiders have been designed to only interpret and understand HTML code.  This was due to the ability of search engine spiders to run Actionscript code, which means that any dynamic content or generated links would not be indexed when programmed with Actionscript. Another reason deals the indexing and ranking method of content that search engines deploys.

To keep things on an even keel provides website designs that have perfect balance, hence the Hybrid design.  As a clients and companies that are eager to take advantage of all the available technology a Hybrid design can provide the best solution for both worlds.