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First Impression Counts puts great emphasis on all aspects of a website design, from high end quality graphics to effective backend solutions. Making a website design appealing and interactive is essential. This includes a first impression visual appeal that will intrigue the viewers to stay on your site.


Keep Visitors on your Website

The statistics prove that if a website does not appeal to the viewer and if they have difficulty finding what they are looking for, they will "click -n- go" at an average 2.5 seconds. can help your website overcome this statistic. We understand that it takes more than a good graphic website design to sell. Therefore, we will closely work with you to examine all your needs and provide the tools and data that will enable your website to sell more.


Create more opportunities to do business.

We can assist in increasing internet presence by engaging in moral SEO techniques that will effectively improve your page ranking. We can collect data on all aspects of your website to help you market and sell more effectively.

Today, good internet presence is a proven method in advertising your products and services. Take advantage of the latest in technology and utilize to help your business reach all your internet goals.


Working with


As a client, you will have access to the status, scheduling and the design throughout the entire process. A secured "Client Log-in" will enable you to reveiw your project and make comments, our approach is to ensure that all our clients are completely statisfied and that they take part in the design process. We understand that a person's schedule can be complex that is why we provide nearly every method to communicate with your designer so that it is convenient for everyone.
                  Vision Statement
To have and maintain a leadership role in providing all internet services.  To be a reliable resource to any business that wants to make the internet work for their products and service.

                 Mission Statement
To provide our clients with all their internet needs with a service that surpasses all expectations. We strive to maintain a long term relationship by always providing excellent support. It is important to us to provide a friendly and responsive customer service that will allow our client’s internet presence to reach its full potential.  Our client’s growth is as important to us as our own growth.