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Tattoo Artist Website

An artist that moved from the east coast was looking for a means for exposure. This project provide an expressive way to show is work to prospective shops and continues to display is work for clients.

Visit this site design by

Inflatable Bouncer Website

A married couple purchased several inflateable bouncers to rent for backyard fun. They needed a website that would promote their service at a cost that would meet a limited budget.

Visit this site designed by

Black & White Photographer's Website

A photographer that specializes in black and white photography and images wanted a custom designed site that would promote his technique and style.

Current Project

Launched Date

To Be Announced designed by

Mediteranean Restaurant Website

A restuarant owner wanted a better way to advertise his business that would include spice of excitement along with promoting the unique menu selection and atmosphere which included live entertainment. This project also includes a FLASH into and other flash components. desighed by

Local Delivery Service Website

This was a redesign of an outdated design. Business owners wanted a fresh new look and added features that would automate pickup and delivery requests. designed by

Domestic Cleaning Service Website

A family run business that provides home and office cleaning services wanted a site that would capture more clients and promote their unique style of services which include aromatherapy with each cleaning visit. A serene flash component is located on the right side of the home page which adds an element that compliments the style of the service they provide. website designed by

Civil Engineering Website

A civil engineering firm that specializes in bridge design. Website is graphically designed to represent a professional feel and atmosphere. Includes FLASH, php and html code along with RSS feed of thier latest contruction project news for their clients.

Current Project

Launched Date

To Be Announced designed by

Childrens Art Blogging Website

An organization that studies art created by children for psychological and therapy purposes wanted to create a site which would enable parents to submit art work by their children to be reviewed by other parents and commented on by a psychologist. designed by

Christian Folk Music Group Website

This was a website design for a small band that would volunteer time to churches and organizations. This project was provided with minimal cost and emphasized on graphic appeal.

Current Project

Launched Date

To Be Announced designed by

Professional Photographer Website

A photographer wanted a unique style website that would not resemble other websites in his industry. The website includes visitor interactivity and style that stands out from the typical website page layout.

Graphic Design Project


HDSolutions Website designed by

Engineering Service Website

A engineering and product design firm requested a website design with a full FLASH introduction page. The flash intro ends with the visitor having choices between three divisional services that the firm offers. This project also included the requirement for the design of a new 3D logo which is animated in the FLASH introduction. Alternate design by


Engineering Service Alternate Website

Alternate home page design for the same small engineering and product design firm. Many times we will provide multiple versions to give our clients the opportunity to creatively expand on a final design or layout. This included a different FLASH introduction giving the client another  variation to consider. website designed by

Engineering Service

3rd Alternative Website

This a third alternate home page design for the same small engineering and product design firm.