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"We will shop your competitors Websites"

It is always important to stay on top of your competitors in any market. With the internet, this is equally important if not more important. With today's market place your internet business will have more competitors than one could imagine. can visit and evaluate all your known competitor websites and search out unknown competitors. We will provide you with a comprehesive report along with suggested solutions to enhance your website and features to prevail over the competition.

“Know what your Competitors are doing” will assist your business with analyzing what your competitors are doing to capture their consumers.  We provide a marketing analysis of competing websites and discover what is working for them. We will then develop a plan that will make your site directly compete.  Maybe it’s a new twist, an ad campaign coupled with SEO objectives.

“Why should you use this service?”

Using an outside objective resource will provide a non-bias opinion.  Even with we feel that we cannot objectively review our competitors’ services without having the “we already do it better” opinion.  Staying on top of the competitor is key to success, if a business takes a static approach, beware the competitor is most likely taking a dynamic approach.  Just posting a website and believing in “build it and they will come” is a fatal mistake and poor use of valueable marketing resources.

"Reporting the Results"

We provide and secure online real-time reporting. Login to your account and see instantly reports, data and suggestions that will enable you business to take immediate action that will result in sales being directed back to your bottom line not the competitor’s.

"How it works!"

We use average internet users to visit yours and your competitor websites. Using a comprehensive ranking standards system developed by it provides a non-bias approach which is essential to obtain the objective accuracy.

While the visitor views each page they will answer a series of questions in our developed system that will compare and rank each feature or asset of your website automatically without prejudice. A minimum of three individuals from different industries will be used with each evaluation.


Receive a FREE Web Evaluation