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Level #1


A Visit to Your Website:

We will have average internet users visit your site and rank it with a non-bias approach with the use of a comprehensive ranking standards system developed by

While the visitor views each page they will answer a series of questions in our developed system that will compare and rank each feature or asset of your website automatically without prejudice. A minimum of three individuals from different industries will be used with each evaluation.


A report of the ranking along with suggestions that will improve your site will be provided.


Criteria that will be evauated:

  • Load time
  • Overall Appearance and Functionality
  • Navigation Functions
  • Product and Service Content
  • Readability, Grammar and Spelling
  • Check all links
  • Website Contact Information
  • Contact & Other Form Functions
  • Search Engine Visibility

    Additional elements of criteria can be requested.
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    Level #2

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Marketing your website through search engine optimization (SEO) is just as important as the way your website looks and functions. Your website is a great marketing tool, but it must be made available for potential customers to view

    .We will review all aspects of the internal design of your website. Meta files, key works, links and areas where your site may be listed. We evaluate your current methods and provide a comprehesive report including suggestions that will make your site more visiable and attract more visitors.


      Criteria that will be evauated:

    • Searchability
    • Search Engine Submissions
    • Current Search Engine Ranking
    • Site Mapping
    • Link Structure
    • Past or Current Internet Marketing Campaigns

    • Additional elements of criteria can be requested.

    Receive a FREE Web Evaluation

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    We will shop your competitors Websites:

    It is always important to stay on top of your competitors in any market, with the internet competitors this is equally important if not more important. With today's market place on the internet your business will have more competitors than one could imagine. can visit and evaluate all your known cempetitor's websites and search out unknown competitor websites. We will provide you with a comprehensive report along with solutions to enhance your website and features to prevail over the competition.